Girl Interrupted Essay

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In the movie Girl, Interrupted, Susanna Kaysen is a girl in her 20’s that comes from an upper class family. In the movie, her parents seem to be more involved and concerned about their social life and appearances rather than on their daughters condition. The movie starts off by Susanna recollecting the night that she attempted suicide by taking a bottle of aspirin and following that with a bottle of vodka to the family therapist. The therapist recommends to Susanna that it would be best for her to be admitted into a psychiatric hospital which she does that same day. While in the mental hospital Susanna is diagnosed with having borderline personality disorder by the therapist and right off the bat, Susanna makes it clear that she doesn’t understand what that means.…show more content…
Comer defines a personality disorder as “as inflexible pattern of inner experience and outward behavior” (475). Among the different types of personality disorders, borderline personality disorder is one the most common personality disorder that is diagnosed by psychologist today (Coffey et al., 2011). Coffey et al, argues that up to 20% individuals seeking some sort of treatment are suffering from BPD (128). Comer, in Abnormal Psychology (2013) defines this disorder as, “a personality disorder characterized by repeated instability in interpersonal relationships, self-image, and mood and by impulsive behavior” (Comer, 489). Symptoms for this disorder include impulsivity, unstable relationships, outbursts of anger, self destructive behavior, skewed images of self, feelings of loneliness, unsafe sex, self harm, and the fear of being abandonment (Borderline personality disorder: Origins and symptoms,
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