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Section 1) Give an outline of the profile of the client. Voluntary readmission to the approved centre of a 25 year old woman with history of paranoid schizophrenia, diagnosed in 2014. currently experiencing auditory hallucinations and low mood. Paranoid beliefs that she is being followed and people are watching her. Poor sleep pattern at present. Good family support from adoptive parents. No suicidal ideation or deliberate self harm at present. Personal history of alleged CSA before being adopted at age 3, bullied throughout school years both emotionally and physically. Abusive relationship for 2 years which caused self esteem issues. Currently single and living with adoptive parents. Section 2) Complete an in depth assessment including…show more content…
This assessment tool was used to determine the severity of the depressive symptoms experienced by the client. The depressive symptoms were due to the negative symptoms of the clients paranoid schizophrenia. The clients needs in this situation is to discover how intense and severe the depressive symptoms are, and discuss and educate client on how to manage these symptoms. The Beck Depression Inventory (Beck, Steer & Brown 1996) is an assessment tool used to measure the severity of clinical depression. The Beck Depression Inventory consists of cognitive and non-cognitive questions. The cognitive questions are based around the clients psychological symptoms such as worthlessness and low self esteem. The non-cognitive questions ask the client about their somatic symptoms such as loss of energy and loss of appetite, and affective symptoms such as irritability and aggression. To score the Beck Depression Inventory the nurse must add the rating of each question answered by the client. The client will rate their symptoms from 0-3, 0 being not experiencing the certain symptom and 3 experiencing the certain symptom consistently. The clients rate their symptoms based on their experiences from the previous two weeks. The Beck Depression inventory generally takes between five and ten minutes to complete. When the assessment tool is completed the nurse will sum up the score from the Beck Depression Inventory. Scores from 0-13 are considered 'minimal' scores from 14-19 are considered 'mild' and scores from 20-28 are considered 'moderate while scores from 29-63 are 'severe' (Craighead et al 2004). Becks design of the Beck Depression Inventory was based on the assumption that levels of stress, depression and number of symptoms and interlinked. The Beck Depression Inventory is meant to be used within hospital and community settings to measure the severity of depressive

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