Persuasive Essay About Self Harm

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Self-Harm=Game Over Have I ever thought of committing self-harm? Yes, in some circumstances. When you are surrounded by a lot of problems and you think there is no way out of it all you want to do is release your feelings. I once was living with my mom and my dad as a happy family all had changed when we had to move to Mexico my dad had to stay. I thought I had hit rock bottom, I was about to commit self-harm and there was only one person who I had trusted I told her and that was my best friend. Somehow she always helped me and she never gave up on me. My family didn't notice until after, so they would probably ask themselves why I would think about doing that. And now that I think about it there are many people who have been or going through the same as I was before. On the news, you don't often see many people who have committed self-harm. Self-harm is when you hurt yourself on purpose it's one of the most common methods to cut yourself, other people feel an impulse to burn their arms, or pull out their hair. Adults don't do anything because they don't know enough…show more content…
These cases happen for the need of more information so that we can prevent any other type of situation. “The ubiquity of social media and the way in which youth present and represent themselves in order to obtain attention, validation, and feedback from the audience” (Weller). Teens try to get attention from people who surround them but since family members ignore them they commit self-harm. “In past decades teenagers struggle to deal with there emotion and decide by taking a razor to the forearm on extinguishing cigarettes on their arms (Weller). These strategies in which teens practice self-harm and they feel that they are releasing their emotions but in reality, all they are doing is hurting

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