How Did The French Nobility Responsible For The Crisis That Destroyed The Old Regime

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1. How was the French nobility responsible for the crisis that destroyed the old regime? The French nobility, which made up the first and second estates did not pay taxes. This meant that only the third estate, made up of peasants, payed all of the taxes. France became bankrupt because of this. Calonne, the kings finance minister, proposed that the nobility start paying taxes, but the king did not listen to him and the nobility continued to spend large amounts of money even though France was bankrupt. This caused the crisis that destroyed the old regime. 2. What factors helped Napoleon rise to power? France was in the middle of a revolution and some did not like the monarch and did not like Louis XVI. Because the nation was divided, it was in a terrible state. Eventually the monarchy was dissolved, but France was not ready to be a democratic government and this contributed to Napoleon being able to become a dictator. Another factor is Napoleons own personality. Going through military school he was an outsider, and he used the prejudiced towards him to fuel his desire to succeed.…show more content…
How did Hobbe's and Locke's perspective on man differ? Hobbes's belief was that all men were inherently evil. He felt that people's only motivation was for personal gain, and because not everyone could have everything, people were greedy and selfish. Hobbe's also felt that the best way to control citizens was through fear. Locke on the other hand, felt that men were striving to make the world better. He thought that all humans would compromise to form a government that would be the best for

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