Community Paramedic Analysis

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The Role of a Community Paramedic, the Needs and Barriers to Community Paramedic Programs Frequently, EMS providers encounter 911 calls that are not life-threatening and do not require immediate medical intervention. There are many rural areas in the United States that have limited access to healthcare providers and many times when people in these populations have to use EMS for habitual calls that are not a 911 emergency it becomes an excessive demand on the strength and resources of these paramedics. Because of these rural areas and the low density population as well as the longer transport time due to longer distances as opposed to metropolitan areas (Bigham Kennedy, Drennan, & Morrison 2013), it becomes very difficult…show more content…
I was able to find results that showed the outcomes of success for these programs Participants THE ROLE OF A COMMUNITY PARAMEDIC The data was received from de-identified surveys that were submitted by paramedics from start to finish from a population health component course (Reeve, Pashen, & Mumme, 2008). Results Results showed that the course would increase job satisfaction and 87% of the participants rated the course as an excellent course to recommended to other rural areas (Reeve, 2008). Population Demographics What is being done nationally in attempt to implement the role and practice of a community paramedic is that many "national organizations from the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States have suggested paramedics may be able to treat patients who call EMS for minor conditions in the field or refer them to non-ED health resources (Bigham, 2013)." This will most likely limit ED and EMS the amount of work and will increase system capacity and increase the patients practice. (Bigham, 2013)needs and increase clinical outcomes (Bigham,…show more content…
This kind of operation can potentially lead to decrease in funding for community paramedic program (Gowin). THE ROLE OF A COMMUNITY PARAMEDIC Thirdly there are strict state regulations such as the locations paramedics would be able to perform are limited and the patients who call EMS must be transported to the emergency department (Gowin). To establish a community paramedic program in these rural areas there needs to be commitment as well as time to be vigilant in long term success. There would have to be evaluations on the community's medical management gaps. without discovering the gaps and working beside other emergency professionals there would be a lack of communication and effectiveness in community paramedicine in these rural areas.

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