Adolescence In Nigeria

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Adolescents in Nigeria The period of adolescence has been seen as a defining period for many adolescents because a lot of them experience major life defining events such as first sexual intercourse and possibly, parenthood. The commencement of sexual activity at an early age has several implications for adolescents. Early sexual debut increases the risk of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), including HIV/AIDS, unintended pregnancy and unsafe abortion. By age 18, more than 60% of African adolescents have had sexual intercourse (Obono and Mohammed, 2010) Studies suggest that a considerable proportion of adolescents and youth engage in premarital sexual activities that tend to be unsafe. These include: having multiple partners, contact with…show more content…
In 1904,G. Stanley Hall coined the term “adolescence” because of the dramatic changes in the U.S. The industrial revolution led to higher values on education, a shift from farm to factory ...Social change is the norm today in much of the world: education, gender roles, global economy, instantaneous communication with the world, immigration and migration at a massive scale, democratization of political structures ... This is the social context of many young people growing up in countries around the world. Our new understanding of adolescence brings with it a new perspective of youth that views them not as the problem but as the possibility—the opportunity. Adolescence is a time of possibility and a time of opportunity. To tap the potential as well as to address the problems of youth, we need to view adolescence as nested in a wide set of social contexts, and we need to understand how they influence both health and…show more content…
For the in-school category, a total number of eight (8) female adolescents were gathered together to form a homogenous group while for the out-of-school category, a total of 12 female respondents constituted the group discussion. The FGD guide (see appendix) constituted themes that dwelt on issues such as personal goals and career target of participants, knowledge about reproductive biology, general knowledge about sexuality issues, relationship and dating, knowledge about contraceptives, source of reproductive health information and sexual adventure and

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