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Hello, my name is Max Wright.Welcome one and all to the First and Second Bank of the United States. The Banks are two of the most famous Banks in America! At first when I was supposed to study the banks I thought the Banks were going to be boring. But later on, I learned that it was cool and really important stuff happened within the economy during the late 1790’s until the early 1830’s. It was like I was learning something that was unexpected. In these banks were objects that shaped our economy and getting money. Iam going to talk to you about their history, the secrets about the Banks structurally, and also learn some nifty stories and legends about them that will also reveal the untold stories that were unknown to people today. We will…show more content…
The founding father, Alexander Hamilton developed the bank to pay a war debt after the Revolutionary War. The First Bank created the first Charter. A Charter is a grant that is written by the Legislature. The Charter was effective for 20 years, straight! The bank was very Successful until 1811. Congress had to shut down the bank because arguments about the economy was too strong, so the Bank, and its Charter, died. The workers left the building and the building was never used again. A year after the First Bank closed down, the building began to rust. So then they created the Second Bank! Second Bank: The Second Bank was created in 1816. It was developed to pay a war debt after the war in 1812. The first president of the Second Bank was an American Financier named Nicholas Biddle. Andrew Jackson supported the bank for a decade. The Second Bank earned $35 million. The Bank has offices in 29 major cities around the country. In 1833. Then, one of the Second Bank’s rivals made a false statement leading to shutdown the Bank. Now you know their history. Pretty extraordinary story Now you shall uncover the secrets of the two Bank’s structures. Here is some information about their…show more content…
The Second Bank has the same materials. The Second bank has the same style as the First Bank, but the Second Bank is bigger. The Second Banks construction started and was completed in 1818. Now the structure section is cleared away. Now, you will discover the secrets of the portraits in the Second Banks Portrait Gallery. Second Bank Portrait Gallery: The portrait gallery has over 100 of portraits that were drawn by Charles Wilson Peale. The Gallery’s exhibit is the “People of Independence”. This exhibit gives you a long glimpse into the lives of the founding fathers and other important people during the Revolutionary War like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, or even Andrew Jackson. Unfortunately, the gallery is not open because it is connected to the Second Bank and just recently the Second Bank is being restored. But when it reopens, you don't need to spend a single penny to get in, its free! Now then, for all of you intriguing fact explorers! I have some untold stories. First

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