Advantages And Disadvantages Of E-Payment

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Abstract:- Today, business is going through e-commerce in which e-payment is one of the most essential concept as well as research area. E-payment is a payment system designed and implemented for shopping over internet. If we properly combine the payment protocols so that a fair exchange of payment can be followed which allows consumer and merchant to fairly exchange their money and goods/services. In this paper focus some of the main security flaws for fair e-payment system that would ensure user authentication and data integrity. This improved version also defenses against the misbehaviors and threats related to unfairness coming from usersduring the transaction. Introduction All companied are rushing to offer digital money products, current e-cash is represented by two models. One of them is e-cash introduced by Digicash which offers compete of all types of internet transaction. Second form is off-line; a digitially encoded card could be used for many of the same transaction as cash.…show more content…
Some times transaction may be small in size and would not be cost efficient through other payment mediums such as credit cards. Electronic Cash is the natural solution, and the companies that are pioneering these services claim that the products will meet the stated criteria. By providing this type of payment mechnism, the incentives to provide worthwhile services and products via the Internet should increase. Another prospective beneficiary from these developments would be Shareware providers, since currently they rarely receive payments. To complete the digital money revolution an offline product is also required for the pocket money/change that most people must carry for small transactions (e.g. buying a newspaper, buying a cup of coffee,

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