Analyzing Richard Nixon's Kitchen Talk

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“Kitchen Talk” In 1958, the United States and the Soviet Union decided to allow their citizens to view what life was like, so to speak, in a different world. Richard Nixon, who was the Vice President at the time and the Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev, agreed to launch national exhibitions. Nixon expressed to Khrushchev that the way of American life could benefit the lives of the citizens in Moscow. Nixon Used a display of an American kitchen, and other typical items like, stereo sets, movie theaters, home appliances, and cars that he believed would convince the Soviet Union that this would only make their way of life better for women and men. During the Exhibition in Moscow Nixon and Khrushchev ended up in heated debates. At the showing of a model of an American kitchen is when one of the debates took place. This kitchen was…show more content…
Sure, it is nice to have a nice kitchen but the debate was really about the political ways of life, Capitalism and communism. Nixon wanted the Soviet to experience the freedom that Americans live. This has its positive and negative attributes, something that Khrushchev foreseen and tried to argue against it. However, Nixon stood his ground and was able to show the Union that there is more to life than just the communism. Nixon knew that if he was able to reach a few members of the Union and they would understand his point and agree with him. In contrast, Khrushchev believed that Soviets did not have to live life as a capitalist to gain prosperity. He backed his belief by stating, “within seven years his country would surpass the United States in the production of consumer goods” (GML 916). This was to be done while living the communism life. In addition, Khrushchev also argued that when American houses are built, they are only intended to last up to twenty years; whereas, the soviet builds houses that last for many

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