Scientific Management Model: The Human Relations Model Of Management

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The human relations model: Not like Kodak and Nokia, it is suggested that there are companies that managed to succeed in a fast based business environment. The difference between those companies and Nokia for example is that they were adopting the human relations model of management instead of the scientific management model. This model contrasts with Taylorism in so many aspects. Instead of commands advanced directly from higher management, a human relations theory grants communication between labourers and managers, permitting them to collaborate with one another to help make decisions. (Bobby & Paton 2011, p54) The Hawthorne studies, which led to this model, promotes that work efficiency will be improved if management showed that they…show more content…
The company founded by Harvard dropout Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 is considered to be the biggest social media network with over 1 billion daily active users. Facebook grew from dozens employees 13 years ago to about 17000 employees today (Company info, Facebook). One key reasons to its success could be related to the happiness and motivation of their employees. Facebook was ranked in 2015 by employees as the best place to work in. The employees feel happy and their work is meaningful. In fact, a survey by payscale survey show that 93% of the workers are satisfied with their work and more than 80% feel their work make the world a better place. One of the factors that contribute to this happiness could be the different benefits the employer gets. Facebook provides many work perks like maternity and paternity leave of up to 16 weeks. Also, it gives 4000$ as ‘Baby Cash’ for new…show more content…
The work is less structured and managers take mainly the roles of mentorship and support. Besides, Facebook employees are often placed in roles that fit to their strengths and they can always oppose and challenge their managers(Gillet, R 2015). Other companies that adopt the human relations model of management and are a success in a moving business environment could be google. Google wants to provide a healthy work life balance for its employees to keep them always motivated and focused on their work. Same as Facebook, Google provides its workers with many perks like ”first-class dining facilities with a free and unlimited supply of wholesome food, snack stations in various parts of the office, gyms, laundry rooms, massage rooms, haircutting salons, car washes, dry cleaning services”(Manimala, M.J and Wasdani, K.P 2013). Such relaxed and fun work space keeps the employees always energized and motivated to go to work. Moreover, Google encourages its employees to be innovative and think out of the box. In fact, the search engine giant designates 10% of workers’ time as a free time when they can work on their own personal projects based on their interests and capabilities. This way the company makes use of the original ideas of its employees to stay always at the front end of technological innovation. Actually, about 50% of new products of google were born during that

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