Argumentative Essay: The Redwood Tree

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Would you sacrifice your life to a forest full of trees from being cut down? Civil disobedience is when a person(s) protests nonviolently (“Civil...”). Like, tree sitting is protesting and nonviolent so that would be considered as an act of civil disobedience. Julia Butterfly Hill climbed a tree to prevent it from being cut down, after 738 days the loggers finally decided not to cut down the trees. Julia Butterfly was concerned about the redwood trees being cut down so she decided to become a tree sitter. In 1997, Julia first climbed the huge (180 feet) redwood tree (“Julia Butterfly...”). Then, later an angry logger dropped a tree on her friend which was also a fellow activist, and ended up killing him (“Julia Butterfly...”). In 1999, after a whole 738 days of being in the tree “Luna”, Julia made her way down to the ground (“Julia Butterfly...”). Julia said, “I didn’t know it then, but I wouldn’t be leaving those branches for the next 738 days.” (“Julia Butterfly...”).…show more content…
Trees are plants that absorb carbon dioxide and give us oxygen to breathe, and we need oxygen (“Forests...”). Another reason why it’s a problem cutting trees down is that trees are being cut down way too fast which is making it hard for the Earth to regenerate the trees and forests (“Forests...”). Have you ever wondered why people are cutting trees down? Reasons for this would be to clear land for farms or buildings and the harvesting of the timber to produce supplies such as wood and paper products (“Forests...”). What happens when a forest is torn down? Well, we lose around 24 billion tons of agricultural topsoil wash or blow away each year (“Forests...”). Overall, cutting trees down can be harmful at some points but also how else would we get supplies made of

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