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Immortality is defined as the ability to live forever or eternal life. Mortality is defined as the state of being subject to death. I read the Epic of Gilgamesh earlier this semester and it was a very interesting story. The Epic of Gilgamesh is one of the most popular and oldest literature pieces known today. Many tablets telling the story of Gilgamesh have been found at the Assyrian library in the ancient city of Nineveh. The story begins bragging about the most powerful man any human being has ever encountered, King Gilgamesh of Uruk. Gilgamesh whom is part god, part human was a ruthless individual. He was the most hated ruler of Uruk. He treated his people as if they were a bunch of pack mules and took whatever he wanted from them (30).…show more content…
Gilgamesh and Enkidu went on adventures and slayed monsters together. The Bull of Heaven was the last monster the two warriors’ slayed (50). Unfortunately, after killing the monster the gods got angry and decided that one of the warriors must die. They chose Enkidu and it tore Gilgamesh heart into pieces. After Enkidu’s death, Gilgamesh goes on a quest to seek out eternal life but later realizes that no human can escape death. Gilgamesh, as we shall see, struggles against the world and is as deeply committed to his own personal absolutes as is Achilles, but there is moral growth: he learns, he changes. As with Odysseus, the growth is symbolized by wanderings, wanderings which both reflect and elicit changes in the hero. His wanderings are the mechanism and backdrop for change, but the death of Enkidu is the catalyst for change. By making Enkidu Gilgamesh's friend, the composer has turned the Epic into a tale of growth--of discovery of human suffering, limitation, death, and, finally, human meaning. Without Enkidu's death, there is no development. But without the wandering, there would be no possibility for development, and Enkidu's death would have left Gilgamesh, literally, at a dead end…show more content…
I’m in favor of Gilgamesh seeking immortality because he’s not the same self-centered, arrogant, and ruthless ruler he was before Enkidu died. Enkidu’s death made him realize how valuable life is. He developed a heart and a sense of love. What If Gilgamesh did receive Immortality? I believe it would be a great thing for the people of Uruk. Gilgamesh would know what’s best for the people so that they could live a great life. He would be able to help them tremendously because he would already know the outcome of a situation. I also believe that it’s a great chance for Gilgamesh to get bored easily and life would probably seem pointless

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