Savagery In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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The innocence of children that one sees is not as clear coated as one might think; in William Goldings Lord of the Flies, the transition from innocence to savagery is clearly illustrated as the diverse group of boys all acquire the characteristics of savages. Even some of the most innocent children fall victim to savagery. The events span an unidentified amount of months; although the boys were innocent at the beginning their actions were all based off what they had previously seen back home in the setting of World War 3. Furthermore, the murders can be considered savagery because by the end of the novel their actions are not done out of necessity they are done out of pleasure. As the novel prolongs the savage behavior becomes evident and the boy’s true colours shine through; their behaviors were not acquired but were already a part of them one they first arrived on the island. The boys gradual turn to savagery happens over a span of many events including, Jacks…show more content…
Most of the boys try to act as if Simon’s death was an accident. Nonetheless, Ralph the leader understand what the boys have done, but that is expected, as he is the only rational thinker of the group. Even Piggy who is considered the most intelligent boy, uses excuses claiming that they couldn’t tell that it was Simon coming, not a beast. Furthermore, Simons death came down to a lack of judgement. When the boys saw the “Beast” limping out of the forest they immediately began chanting, “Kill the beast, cut his throat, spill his blood”. Moreover, by the time the boys began chasing at Simon, they all were aware that it was not the beast; the excitement and savagery within them blinded their decision making skills. Furthermore, Simon’s death resulted directly because of the evil within, and the savagery developing within them
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