Pros And Cons Of A Gladiator

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One: Gladiators were not exactly trained to fight to the death and there were also other possibilities for a gladiatorial career to proceed apart from ending on the arena sands in death. The texts show that every fight did not end in one dead gladiator. There were several conclusions to a match: conquers, missio standing, sine missione, stantes missi, and missio. A conquer would be a win, missio is being defeated and missio standing is when the fight was declared a draw, with neither of the gladiators going down. Also the munerarius says “not here, but after they have been sold”. However the munerarius did not sell his gladiators, rather it would be a lease or rent to the editor in charge of the gladiatorial games. The gladiators could also receive manumission, which is essentially being freed if they were a slave…show more content…
*The owner talking about which gladiator to get scene might have insight into what kind of a reputation a gladiator had, good with a spear, the one from Thrace, etc.* Six: Some truths of gladiators from the ancient world can be found in the Spartacus movie clips, along with other Hollywood embellishments. On a side note, showing navel was allowed in ancient Rome, so they probably would not have worn their gladiator shorts up so high. In the beginning of the first clip there is a wagon convoy arriving at the gladiatorial school. These wagons were filled with slaves, which were soon to be trained as gladiators. Most of the gladiators were in fact slaves, the first gladiators were prisoners of war. In the confrontation between Spartacus and Marcellus, Marcellus hits Spartacus with a wooden sword, christened a rudis. These swords were used in training the gladiators so they would not get injured before the show. They would have learned “specific weapon techniques and kinds of physical discipline to develop strength and

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