Savagery In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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Ralph - In the beginning of the story, Ralph places importance on order and performs tasks such as calling meetings and organizing the group. However, in the middle of the story, Ralph shows signs of savagery while influenced by Jack. Near the end, Ralph becomes fully cemented in his civilized views and attempts to save the group. Piggy - Throughout the story, Piggy stays constant in his views of order and civilization. Though Piggy strays from these views once in the dance that killed Simon, Piggy almost never changes and grows stronger in his beliefs as the story continues. Piggy even dies for the sake of conveying his message of order and rescue to the savage boys in the end. Jack - In the beginning of the story, Jack showed a small interest…show more content…
As the other boys slowly gravitate towards Jack’s promise of fun, freedom, and food, Piggy quickly becomes Ralph’s main supporter. Even in Piggy’s death, Ralph wishes to seek counsel from his wise friend while being hunted by Jack’s tribe of savages. Piggy and Jack - The two boys represent a true clash of civilization and savagery. Throughout the story, Jack continually pokes fun at Piggy, mostly at his physical appearance. In the end, Jack expresses the ultimate disregard by conveying no remorse for killing Piggy, and even threatening Ralph with the same fate. Sam + Eric and Ralph - The twins display general loyalty to Ralph and his ideals throughout the story. As most of the boys leave Ralph’s group in favor of Jack’s tribe, the twins are among the few boys who stay with Ralph. The twins eventually are captured and forced into pledging loyalty to Jack, but Sam and Eric still attempt to aid Ralph in his escape from the tribe’s hunt. Sam + Eric and Jack - Due to the twins’ loyalty the Ralph, Sam and Eric generally disagree with Jack. However, Jack uses his new power from savagery to capture the twins and force them into his tribe. Though Jack has physical control over the twins in the end, the twins still attempt to express their loyalty to Ralph and his
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