Isolation And Trust In Shakespeare's Othello

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Dylan Leuck Mrs. Harrah English 1302-4026 November 23, 2015 Iago is Not to Be Trusted Shakespeare’s play Othello starts as if it were a rollercoaster climbing a steep incline, and reaching the top only to dive back down in a cluster of twists and turns. Othello is one of few if any Moors in such a high ranking military position as his. He believes in what Iago says because they have fought side by side for many years. Only Iago is out for himself leading Othello astray in thinking his wife is going to cheat on him with a newly appointed lieutenant Cassio. Iago believes he was skipped over for the position because of Cassio’s status. Iago is much to blame for this great dive as he manipulates and exploit Othello’s key character of isolation and trust that lead to his eventual downfall. Isolation plays a huge part in Othello’s thinking. Having such high status, he may believe he cannot trust many excluding Iago. Because he is a Moor or an outsider Toker states in Othello: Alien In Venice “Othello, even though a…show more content…
In the beginning of the play, Othello pledged his life on Desdemona’s faith, only to have that faith destroyed by Iago. The honesty Iago falsely foists upon Othello makes it easy for Othello to never imagine the slight chance that Iago has evil intentions. Othello holds Iago as his close friend and advisor. He believes Iago to be a person, "of exceeding honesty, and knows all qualities, with a learned spirit". (3.3. 12) The trust that they had slowly starts to dissipate with every lie Iago spills. Othello wants evidence of the act because he can’t believe what Iago is saying, but when he gets told that Cassio has his handkerchief in his possession. Othello then knows that Desdemona has lost her Chasity. Dishonored and battle hardened, Othello turns to the only mentality he knows, the one of a

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