Savagery In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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The Beast Within Golding's book "Lord of the flies" gives a dark view on the way young boys' behavior is programmed by society to keep them in check, once it is taken away their behavior reverts to its primitive instinct that is savagery. The conch in the story is the symbol that represents civilization the most by keeping order, Jack and Ralph represent the polar opposite themes of Savagery and Order but both fall back to the instinct of savagery to different degrees. Golding's novel demonstrates symbols of savagery and civilization. The conch represents the structure and rules of civilization that keeps the children in order by creating a form of government, lead by the one who found the conch. They use it to implement rules…show more content…
At the beginning he is show as the leader of the choir imposing order. But when he isn't voted to be chief it sparks an anger within him, causing him to buttheads with Ralph. This rivalry between the boys pushes Jack to become more aggressive. The first time he comes across a pig he too scared to kill it because it's not a civil behavior, but as his wanting to become chief grows so does he his aggression and savagery leading him to do whatever it takes to take Ralph's place. He becomes obsessed with hunting pigs and killing them which show how savaged he has become because he couldn't kill one when he first arrived. He becomes so savage that he doesn’t only kill pigs anymore, he and the boys kill Simon with their bare hands and teeth thinking he is the beast even after he tries tries to remind them who he is, which shows how violent and savage they have become to kill one of their one without a second thought, with that the last bit of humanity has been stripped away from them. Jack now starts to order cruel punishments upon the boys for no good reasons to impose his control and power of them. When Ralph goes to Castle rock to try to make Jack’s tribes see reason Jack starts to fight with him and at the end of the fight throws his spear at him trying to kill him. Therefore showing that he has lost all human for trying to kill someone like him,
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