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Known for their hump in between their shoulders the grizzly bear once ruled the very streets we walk on during the early 1800s; given the name “grizzly” due to the hair having golden-silver tips. With the influx of European settlers in North America came competition for space and food with the grizzly bear, these situations lead to a huge decrease in the number of grizzly bears roaming. The use of home decoration, sport, clothing, and same food sources lead to once about 50,000 grizzly bears diminished down to about 1200 during 1850-1920 and currently the grizzly bear is threatened. The grizzly bear is a massive size creature that can grow to be as tall as six feet on all fours and when standing can be eight feet tall. That height causes for…show more content…
To be able to even mate with the males, females have to wait until they’re four or five years old to be primed for reproduction. Before getting into the females and their behavior during the mating season, it should be noted that the males are very aggressive during this stage. Males become very territorial and use their extraordinary nose to find the scents of the females, when a mate is found the bears would play fight, nuzzle; something akin to a cuddle, or chase one another to begin the attraction and the mating process. Males would go out and try to mate with as many females as possible; and vice versa, after mating the bears go their separate ways. Females can be impregnated by two different males at the same time which would make for an exciting episode of Maury. During mating season, the females have to eat as much as possible as it’s vital in the reproductive process during the winter season, if there’s not enough fat there’s a colossal chance the reproductive cycle will not begin. When a female has the necessary fat needed for the winter she will go into hibernation and with the rate of everything from the body temperature to the heartrate reduced, the embryo initiates the development stage. The mother would give birth to one to four cubs, usually the norm being two cubs in the…show more content…
From mountain ranges and forests to the grasslands and the tundra, the grizzly is able to familiarize its self to different types of weathers in regions worldwide. In the United States, the grizzly bears have been limited to the mountain ranges because of human development and expansion. Grizzly bears usually prefer to have huge habitat spaces with the females needing 50 to 300 square miles of habitat and the males needing 200 to 500 square miles of habitat at their disposal. The bear’s want for that big space causes for a commonality and competition of food and shelter with other grizzlies. Being highly adaptable, the grizzle bear is able to live and succeed in many places, being a big fan of fish the grizzly would ideally enjoy being around a deserted body of water. Grizzly bear, are known to be great ecologically and help the cycle of berry plants and the increase of nitrogen in their habitats. When bears eat fruit plants, their waste has the seed whole and able to germinate with the waste to act as a fertilizer and that starts a cycle that’s essential. The grizzly digs for shelter and food and that digging causes an increase and spread of nitrogen in the ecosystem, the corpse of salmon the bear eats causes this as well. A grizzly bear would eat anything it possible can to satisfy its hunger, the grizzly bear is an omnivore. The grizzly would eat insects, ground

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