Samsung Value Innovation

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Samsung Electronics is part of one of the largest multi-billion dollar corporations in the world. In 2007 it exceeded the $100bn mark in annual sales for the first time in its history. This makes it one of the world's top three companies in the electronics industry where only two other companies, Siemens and Hewlett-Packard, have posted larger revenues. The name Samsung literally means ‘three stars’ or ‘tristar’ in Korean, reflecting the Samsung Group’s dominance in two further sectors: Samsung Heavy Industries and Samsung Engineering and Construction. If you are talking innovation in Samsung walks the walk and is now the established leader in consumer electronics, providing a range of leading-edge premium products and, in their own words,…show more content…
With 6 design labs staffed by 450 people it is serious about understanding what it is consumers need long before considering the technologies required to deliver them. It believes (and, to be fair, evidence suggests) that success in consumer electronics can only ever be short term and there is therefore a pressing need for continuous innovation in order to develop new technology platforms and create products that are first of its kind in the marketplace. Samsung spends more than $6bn on research annually. It recognises that many of its products, such as semiconductors and flat-screens, are now basic commodities, and its focus is on producing iconic devices for the next generation as Sony’s Walkman was in the ’80s and the iPod is today. Samsung’s innovation focus is therefore set firmly on design and, most specifically, on the design of digital TVs. Samsung launched the R7 LCD TV in 2005 which paved the way for the 2007 “Bordeaux”, a flat screen television with contours reminiscent of a wine glass. This is Samsung’s first LCD television to sell more than 1m…show more content…
Undaunted however, Samsung, which often makes big investments during downturns so that it can increase its market share and make bigger profits when the industry cycle picks up, is raising its capital investment in this division. As peers cut back this is a bold move that signals a strong confidence in the eventual upturn of the memory market. With a brand value now greater than Sony, it is clear that Samsung’s strategy of delivering high quality products with an emphasis on design is paying off and the company is confident of its future performance. Time and again Samsung has proved it is able to look into the future and create what’s just around the corner for the rest of

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