How Does Depression Affect Life

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Depression affecting our lives People that have depression in their life is very common. About more than 16 million people experience major depression, which can affect you everyday. Depression is an extremely serious mental illness and can have a major impact on how you feel, and how you act. This mental illness can affect you in many different ways; physically, emotionally, and mentally. All people can experience sadness, but depression can change a person’s behavior, socialization, and physical being. Behavior in us humans are always changing, but when it comes to having depression your behavior tends to change more. People who don’t have depression love to hang out with friends and go out to do fun activities. However, people who have depression will start making up excuses of not wanting to hang with friends (Jerry Kennard). They start to lose the excitement…show more content…
Socializing among your group of friends seems like an easy thing to do, though when it comes to adding depression to it, that makes it nearly impossible. According to the journal Mind,Mood and Memory, “ socializing shows that connecting with others will help improve your mood and helps fight off depression.” In addition to helping improve your mood, socializing also allows you not to being lonely, rather you are out having fun with friends. Although someone starts to avoid going out with their friends doesn’t mean they are depressed, but most of the time it’s the case. Another point that depression has on people when it comes to socialization is that it makes people start to speak more slowly and begin to slow down with everything (Jerry Kennard). On the other hand, depression and socialization don’t go along together good. This illness stops us from wanting to associate with our friends and just build up our feelings and keep them to
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