Saboteur Ha Jin Analysis

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Within a society riddled with corruption, laws are really just there as a guideline. Whereas normally they are what define what can and cannot be done, if one is broken then it is punishable. The issue comes along when there are people that essentially do nothing to be in trouble, yet get a severe punishment. Making any set of laws in a corrupt society more alike a general guideline people generally have to follow. This can be seen in “Saboteur”, by Ha Jin, in a variety of ways. Though it all begins when a seemingly minor “accident” with Two Officers, and Mr. Chiu along with his wife. This “accident” involved the officers spilling tea on both Mr. Chiu and his wife, Mr. Chiu then complained to the officers that what they did was wrong, and how they are not the culprits of this situation. There was a rather important part of the story early on, where it went to describe exactly his viewpoint on what happened. In the form of ““Comrade Policemen, your duty is to keep order, but you purposely tortured us common citizens. Why Violate the…show more content…
Chiu, as well as the arguments he made against what happened did not seem to matter during the time he was in jail. If there were really a reason to have made this conviction, then there would be some form of penalty against him. Again, the laws seem to behave as some form of a guideline, however loose they may be taken into serious account. Nonetheless, his prison time was essentially just a waiting game for the officers. All they had to do was get him to sign a paper indicating that what he did was wrong. For Mr. Chiu, things got a lot worse, as he was essentially interrogated, being continually told his thoughts were lies, and on top of all that, he had seemingly contracted a fever. He remained in this mindset that he was correct until they jailed a former law student, which was a lawyer at this point, which ended up turning into more of a bribe than anything else for the

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