The Pros And Cons Of Gay Marriage

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Marriage can be defined as the union between a man and a woman, and in some instances, between the same genders. Synonyms for marriage are wedlock or matrimony. According to Girgis (2012), the partners make a permanent and exclusive commitment where they promise to be loyal and committed to each other. It is therefore a sacred institution before God and others. Masci (2015) argues that gay marriages are on the rise and certain countries and states have legalized it. There has been some controversy regarding gay marriage. Many are opposed to the union between the same-sex, while others advocate gay marriage. This has become a major issue. It is therefore evident that an increasing number of states and countries are legalizing gay marriage however, gay marriage is…show more content…
Allowing gay marriages therefore weakens this definition of marriage and contradicts the traditional marriage. According to Messerli (2009), over the past decade, there has been a rapid increase in single-parent families and divorce rates. Accepting same-sex marriage would therefore further erode the respect for the constitutional contract of marriage. It is a violation of the sacred institution. Marriage is intended for procreation and allowing same-sex marriages violates this and has a negative effect on procreation. It therefore shifts from procreation to merely adult gratification. In order for society to survive, procreation in necessary and same-sex marriage violates this norm. According to Klause (2010), procreation is negatively impacted by allowing gay marriage. One can conclude from this that same-sex marriage violates the sacred institution and harms the institution of traditional marriage. Moreover, allowing same-sex marriage is a threat to the children’s well-being. According to Benen (2011), the future generation is being

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