Safe And Healthy Workplace Essay

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It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure safe and healthy workplace. A safe and healthy environment will help the employer in focusing on ways of improving the business. Employers and employees should set goals on health and safety in the working environment. In addition, they should work together to achieve these goals are achieved. However, in a work place health and safety issues cannot be ideal. This is because of the challenges faced in ensuring safe and healthy workplace. The first one is that the business will always possess equipment that is unsafe to workers. Some of the equipment used in the company may be unsafe but it is hard to avoid them because they are useful of the company activities like production. The second reason is lack of enough information on the hazards that face the business. Businesses face many threats like fire and the company may lack information on such occurrence. The other one is bad work practices. The company may have workers who are ignorant…show more content…
Many advertisements connect a product with a specific life style. Consumers who identify themselves with that life style will feel highly attracted to them. This will persuade them to purchasing the products. Advertising persuades consumers into buying a particular product. Since advertising highlights the positive aspect of the product, consumers will have increased desire of purchasing that product. In addition, advertising will promote the choice of products and brands to the consumers. Therefore, advertising serves a major purpose in attracting consumers to buying products and brands. Advertising has made several benefits to me. The first one is that it has informed me about lower prices of certain products especially during promotions. The second one is that it has made me aware of differences in the quality of specific products and brands. The last one is informing me about the best options of products that suit my life

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