The Legend Of Socrates

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The Legend of Socrates Socrates was a philological teacher; only he do not consider himself to be one, he believe in virtue and wisdom. His only activity is to go around his city and enlighten people around him about the virtue of one’s soul and prove that one is not as wise as they think to themselves to be, but knows nothing about what they claim. The legend of Socrates begin through the eyes of Plato, Xenophon, and Aristophanes; whom continues the surviving tales of Socrates teachings. Each of these men’s have their own view of Socrates; some aspects may be negative and some are mindful. In the literature of “The Apology of Socrates” (Plato) gives an understanding of a seventy year old veteran whom is on trial for corrupting the young; while on trial Socrates demeanor came off carefree and arrogant which caused him difficulties of judgement and the penalty to death. Plato text differ greatly in both content and character through dialectic arguments by Socrates himself at the trail. In the second “Apology” (Xenophon) identify Socrates trial through reports, comments and opinion of before, during, and after the trails. Both Plato an artistic philosophical-writer and Xenophon an historian agrees the way Socrates have given his speech were arrogant but Xenophon seems to emphasize more of; that is how Socrates carries himself, whereas Plato gives a more narrative statement through…show more content…
Aristophanes a play-writer whom written a theatrical piece of Socrates portraying him to be on the clouds, therefor causing the trail to go in favor of the indictment Socrates were

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