Sacrifice In Ancient Aztec Religion

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All religions say that you should respect and love your god, but some people take that to the extreme. They believe that killing innocent people will please their God and that it will grant them passage into the afterlife. In ancient Aztec religion the high priest thought it was necessary to have human sacrifice. The priest would lay the person on the table and yell a prayer before stabbing he person in the heart and taking out the heart. At the time everybody was ok with such an atrocity happing. For the Aztecs they thought what they were doing made their God happy. And help give them a bountiful crop season. As for the people that were being sacrificed it was an honor to die for their Gods. In the begging of the 1500s India’s Thuggee sect began murdering innocent people to please their bloodthirsty god kali. This sect killed people all the way ill the early 1800s. They killed over 2 million people for their god. It was said to believe that they…show more content…
This is a quote from the Karan, the Muslim bible. They do not believe that innocent lives should be sacrificed for their religion. Yet there is a group of radical Muslims that do kill. They think that the world should go back to the times of their prophet Allah. So these radical Muslims have declared a holy war on the world called a jihad. Although these radical Muslims don’t manly kill for their beliefs but to manly embarrass the country they are attacking. People call these people terrorists. In the old times Muslims were a peaceful people that allowed other religions to live on their holy land as long that they paid tax. So most Muslims today are ashamed of the Muslims that are taking innocent lives because what they think they’re doing is right. Even though this has been going on for over 2 thousand years, there are people that are trying to stop this
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