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The early civilizations of the Americas left a lasting record of many achievements in government, religion, and technology. There was a few different nations that were around during the early civilization of the Americas. The earliest known civilization was called the Olmec’s. The Olmec’s started around the 1500 BCE and ended around the 400 BCE. The Mayan civilization lasted from 1800 BC to 900 ad. The Aztec civilization lasted from 1100- 1522 ad. The Incan civilization lasted from the early 13th century to 1533. To the Aztec civilization religion was very important. They worshipped many different gods and goddesses. The gods, and goddesses they worshiped ruled one or more human activities or aspects of nature. The people…show more content…
They say that the stone expresses information about the technology. The Mayans shaped their world with stone tools ( Lithic artifacts were used to create the cityscape, helped create craft activities, were used to process food, and were central to warfare and hunting. The Mayans were skilled mathematicians. They created the concept of adding a zero. Their numbering system included three symbols, a dot worth one unit, a bar worth fie units, and a shell to symbolize zero. This numbering system was used to create their calendar. The calendar had 360 days, and had a name given to each day. Even though their calendar had 360 days they had a solar year which made it 365 days. In their calendar they had special glyphs indicated time period ( The Incas had a strong government. They conquered many regions in the fifteenth century. The Inca Empire has always been known for its efficient government, and economies, and advanced systems of agricultural trade. The Incas had a philosophy about governing their empire. The Incas allowed their conquered territories to stay the same way before they were conquered as long as the people living their filled their requirements, such as providing extensive labor to

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