Did Civilization Exist In The Pre-Columbian Period?

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Marissa Charles World Civilization 1 T’shanana Thomas Francique May 6, 2015 Civilization is defined as "an advanced state of human society, in which a high level of culture, science, industry and government has been reached” (Brown). As I looked at the question, “In reference to Apocalypto and other sources, how true is it to say that civilization did not exist in the Pre-Columbian Period?” I most certainly believe that civilization did exist in Pre-Columbian Period according to the movie Apocalypto and other references but, what civilizations did exist and how can we know they had the characteristics to be considered civilized? This research paper will seek to establish the notion that civilization did exist and draw a connected with…show more content…
Jaguar Paw hides his pregnant wife and son in a deep hole in order to save them the warrior which attacked their village. As the movies progresses we see the brutally of these warriors in every way possible and the weaponry in which they used to take kill Jaguar Paw and the others. An eclipse spares his life from the sacrifice and later he fights his way to survive through the dense forest, a jaguar attack, sinking mug, large water and fierce fighters. The movie not only demonstrates Jaguar Paw survival, it showcases the aspects of a civilization in the Maya civilization during the Pre-Columbian period. During the movie it was evident that the Maya was a civilized group of people because they had their king or leader (Jaguar Paw’s father), settled agriculture, religion, weaponry, architecture and social hierarchy. Therefore, it is very incorrect to say that civilization did not exist in the Pre-Columbian…show more content…
One of the most conspicuous inheritance of the Olmec civilization is the colossal stone heads they produced. These unique facial sculptures were carved in basalt and were considered to be portraits of accrual rulers. It is said, ”The heads can be nearly 3 m high and 8 tons in weight and the stone from which they were worked was, in some cases, transported 80 km or more, presumably using huge balsa river rafts. 17 have been discovered, 10 of which are from San Lorenzo. The ruler often wears a protective helmet (from war or the ballgame) and sometimes show the subject with jaguar paws hanging over the forehead, perhaps representing a jaguar pelt worn as a symbol of political and religious power. The fact that these giant sculptures depict only the head may be explained by the belief in Mesoamerican culture that it was the head alone which bore the soul.” According to Scholar Ivan van Sertima these head were proof of African contact with the Olmec

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