Analysis Of I Never Knew I Had A Choice By Gerald Corey

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Chapter 11: Loneliness and Solitude of Gerald Corey and Marianna Schneider Corey’s I Never Knew I Had a Choice; Sixth Edition talk about the benefits of solitude and the damaging effects of loneliness. No one, no matter how close, can completely know us; therefore we are alone in this world. We entered it alone and we will leave alone. While some people like being alone, some do not understand how people can like them. Some like “being alone but not lonely” (pg. 336). Solitude can be used to search ourselves. We need to accept our loneliness in order to build good, healthy relationships with others. There is a difference being loneliness and solitude. Loneliness is usually something that happens to use through a loss, but some do choose it. Solitude is chosen and can be used to benefit us. You shouldn’t be busy all the time. You can organize your thoughts and care for our bodies. People won’t take this time because they fear loneliness.…show more content…
Some people fill their lives with events so that they never have a moment alone. Others over use technology, drugs, and food and some try to achieve perfection. We can also achieve loneliness by the way of using a fake persona in order to be accepted into a group, thus being unable to express ourselves. Almost everyone has been shy at some point in his or her life. Phil Zimbardo of Stanford University shyness can become a handicap, preventing people from voicing opinions, thinking properly, being involved socially and can lead to other mental disorders (depression and anxiety). It is also not helpful to fully put yourself out there, but you can go against your shyness and attend easy social events. Try to figure out what types of situations trigger your shyness, and find ways to combat it. Some mentally put themselves down when they enter triggering situations. You need to uplift

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