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The Olmec people are a mysterious people originating in Mesoamerica. The word Olmec means rubber people in the Aztec language. The Olmec civilization prospered from 1200 BC to 400 BC. They are thought to be the first Mesoamerican civilization which predated the Mayans and the Aztecs. The Olmec civilization is a mysterious one and had a rich culture, unique beliefs, and a variety of artwork. The Olmec civilization resided in present-day Mexico. They are one of the first civilizations that used a written language. Much of their success was aided by the land they lived on because it was fertile and well-watered. Their land and water also fed them because they ate seafood, vegetables, and fruit. Olmec people were not really known for hunting but did gather food. The Olmec also traded with neighboring…show more content…
The Olmec had a variety of art that they created. An example is the stone mask. One of the masks is made from a polished green stone and depicts a face that has piercings and is scarred. This is one of the many mysterious masks that they made. Another piece of artwork the Olmec created was the caves. They used to carve on the walls and paint on the walls. Some of the artworks showed different rulers and gods and also some of their rituals. Some of the materials used for their art were jade, ceramic, and wood. A popular jade carving was the Kunz Axe. This particular carving is now in the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Some other jade carvings they made were modeled after the were-jaguar, which is half man and half jaguar, and regular animals. It was also a common practice for them to bury the artworks. The Olmec also built monuments and buildings. They built some pyramids but not many. Temples were also built to house some ceremonies and rituals but they preferred to have those outside since they believed nature was very

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