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Metropolitan cities The Development of urban areas in various parts of the world has increased incredibly fast and is expected to continue an upward rise over the next decade. By 2025, the ratio between urban and rural areas is estimated to become 53% to 47% . The development of these urban areas will essentially cause a large-scale collection of capital and population triggering intensive development in particular urban zones. This urban agglomeration is driven by various factors that favor economic development, mainly concentration of people and activities, decline of transportation costs, and removal of barriers on movement of goods, people and information. The rising trend in the development of urban areas has pushed for the enhancement…show more content…
In more developed regions, the number of people living in urban areas is expected to rise slightly over the course of 25 years, but in developing regions a sharp rate of increase can be expected. Contemporary urbanization has ended in the developed world. The national populations of developed economies have become fully urbanized, rural-to-urban migration has slowed down, fertility rates in many of these countries are falling, and the populations of some are even declining. The steadying effect of internal migration on the growth of most cities is now missing in many developed countries. In addition, governments are trying to limit international migration flows. Urban systems in the developed world have stopped expanding. Developed countries have reached an urban saturation level . The emergence of a new world market complemented by shifts in the international division of labor, and the impact of these shifts on the demand for and production of standardized manufactured goods. As well as, shifting terms of trade with the oil-producing countries accelerated the pace of change of urban policies in developed economies, due to the concentration of existing manufacturing activities in certain regions and

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