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The Great Migration of African Americans in the U.S There have been many examples of migration that have occurred in the last century. One example of one of these migrations is the Great Migration of African American citizens. This migration was caused by different things, and I will also discussed how and when this migration took effect, and what the effects of this migration were. In this essay, I hope to thoroughly inform you about this migration, and demonstrate the important facts regarding this event. The Great Migration of African Americans in the U.S. Is migration that has occurred within the past four centuries. Many sources will tell you that the Great Migration started at different times. Some say it began in 1910, some say it began in 1915, or 1916. According to Wikipedia, it began in 1910.…show more content…
6Million African American people from the rural South migrated to the North, Midwest, and West cities, such as New York, and Chicago. These people had been driven away in order to escape sharecropping, worsening economic conditions, the lynch mob, and harsh segregationist laws. These people began to head north, in search of higher wages, better homes, and political rights. They seized the opportunities, such as the need for industrial workers, that had begun during World War One. In 1900, approximately 90 percent of all African-Americans in the United States of America still lived in the South. In the early decades of the twentieth century, migration of African-Americans to the North increased exponentially. Unfortunately, as these cities began to gain more African American population, those who migrated faced poor working conditions, and competition for living spaces. After the post-Civil War Reconstruction period ended in 1876, white supremacy was common in the South. Segregation policies were common. Because of this, black people also faced plenty of racism and

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