Jury Nullification Research Paper

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Use if they argue a example of evidence where someone was made guilty Definition:Jury nullification is a constitutional doctrine which allows juries to acquit criminal defendants who are technically guilty, but who do not deserve punishment. It occurs in a trial when a jury reaches a verdict contrary to the judge's instructions as to the law. In the criminal justice system, to be objective is key to ensuring that justice is applied equally to all citizens. Therefore, I must strongly negate the resolution, “In the United States Criminal Justice System, jury nullification ought to be used in the face of perceived injustice.” I base this case on the value of justice. Justice has and always must be, based on the objectivity of the law. The role of a jury in a just society is to determine if a law has been broken. A jury should be…show more content…
They are so subtle that those who hold them may not realize that they do. Implicit bias operates in areas such as gender, nationality, and social status, but strong levels of implicit racial bias relating to African-Americans have drawn the most attention. African-Americans, for example, are stereotypically linked to crime and violence; their behavior is more likely to be viewed as violent, hostile, and aggressive than is the behavior of whites; and they are more readily associated with weapons than are whites. Levels of implicit bias xfrequently conflict with self-reported attitudes, usually because explicit measures show no bias, while implicit measures show bias. Because of this disconnect, implicit bias is sometimes offered as a partial explanation of the continuation of racial stratification even while, as measured by surveys, openly held racial stereotypes and prejudice have declined substantially over the last fifty

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