Double Jeopardy: Fifth Amendment Of The United States Constitution

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Double Jeopardy Maria De Lourdes Giron-Rodriguez Wiregrass Technical Abstract Double jeopardy is the prosecution of a person two times for the same offense, or offenses. Double jeopardy is written as the fifth amendment of the United States Constitution. “no person should ever … be subject for the same offense to be two times put in jeopardy of life or limb.” This amendment forbids the state and the federal government from indicting individuals for the same offense more than twice; or punishing this character more than once for the same offense. The fifty states of America and its territories offer the reassurance of this through the Constitution of the United States. Main Idea The origins of double jeopardy can be seen all the way…show more content…
It came up in the case of Caylee and Casey Anthony. The case was about Caylee Anthony going missing then appearing dead, most likely murdered. Casey Anthony was the main suspect for the death of her baby girl. She was tried for the murder of Caylee. Caylee was found with tape around her mouth and head with a sticker heart. Many things pointed to Casey being the perpetrator. But things came out in her favor. She was found innocent sadly. Later, after the trial more compromising evidence was found and presented to the public and the police department. But it was too late as the trial had ended. Because of the 5th amendment, which is double jeopardy, Casey Anthony was not able to be tried again. The murder was left unsolved. Another cold case and another free murderer. The fifth amendment and the fourteenth amendment go hand in hand simple because they both have limits towards the constitution of the United States of America. They both prevent the local, state and federal governments from discrimination against any individual. The 5th amendment prohibits double jeopardy and also it works by not depriving any individual whether they are or are not a legal resident or citizen of the country from life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of…show more content…
He was married to Nicole Brown. They eventually got a divorce because of the abusive and suffocating relationship. One night in 1995, Nicole Brown and a waiter named Ron Goldman were found death in the property of Ms. Brown. Who could have done this? Simpson was tried for the murder of Brown and Goldman since many pieces of evidence pointed towards him. This is the Los Angeles most famous case in American history. The trial lasted over 8 months. The evidence was “mishandled” because the when the police and detectives arrived, they did not close the scene and supervised who entered or exited. Many different foot prints and hand prints were in the crime scene so it really threw the investigators, detectives and everyone else off. So it was considered “wrongful death”. Simpson had to pay over $33 million to the families of the

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