My Lai Massacre Research Paper

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The United States of American is well- known for their power of safeguard. They have different troops like Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and many other troops that has played a major role in fighting wars, conquering and successfully dominating countries like Vietnam, Germany, Japan, Italy, Iraq and many more. Through all these war, America is presented to one of the victorious, organized, apprehensive and had a blue print of places they had to fight but the My Lai Massacre is one of the war’s fought by the American Army which had bought the evil out of the men. This massacre is known to be one of the most dreadful and controversial war fought by the American army because improper communication, officers being denial of their acts and poor…show more content…
Seymour Hersh, who was an investigating journalist was very curious regarding the event in My Lai and approached the former member of the Charlie Company, Ron Ridenhour who gave him the true life experience which he had published in 20 different newspapers in New York. After this public broadcast photographer Ronald L. Haeberle, came forward with pictures he had taken during this massacre. Many of the Charlie Company and the First Platoon veteran soldiers came forwards and expressed their experience. The world came to know that William Calley, the leader of First Platoon and Paul Meadlo who was a soldier had mercilessly killed around 50 people single handedly. William Calley was sentenced to imprisonment for death penalty but his case was revised by Richard Nixon who was the president during that time and was reduced to home arrest three and half years. After the vast investigation of this massacre the people realized an American hero Hugh Thompson, who was a door gunner at this war had to intervene and threaten the American troops to quit firing their weapons and settle the situation by conversing with the Vietnamese

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