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Critique #1: Unlucky 13 The thrilling mystery novel Unlucky 13 by James Patterson takes the reader on a very riveting experience. This takes place in the city of San Francisco with a detective who has everything in place. This is all until everything comes crashing down when the FBI sends her a photo of the murder from her next case. This photo just happens to be of a killer from this detective’s past. Lindsey, the main character, is tasked with finding this very manipulative, psychopathic murder before she finds Lindsey. Lindsey find that the murder is using capsules that when swallowed, cause the victim to explode. Lindsey is able to track down the source of these capsules back to a common burger joint, Chucks. When the CFO of the meat industry is contacted to pay an ransom in exchange for the capsules to not be placed in the burgers anymore, the CFO is quick to hand it over, hoping to put all this behind him. Unfortunately for the CFO the murder calls again demanding now that the meat plant is closed and everything there should be shut down. With both these phone calls the FBI fails in tracing the…show more content…
This is a barbaric game in which 12 males and 12 females of a young age are chosen to battle to the death in an arena rigged with deathly traps. This horrible competition is showcased in front of everyone in the population as a way to calm the hostile urges in everyone. The main character, Katniss Everdeen, doesn’t like to follow the ever changing rules of the government and creates chaos in the games. This chaos in the games then spills out into the population and Katniss Everdeen becomes the icon for the revolting revolution against the cruel government. Just her rebellious personality is enough to inspire an entire population to realize how unfair their government is and begin to revolt against all the bad things they have done over the many

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