The Woman In Black: Examples Of Gothic Literature

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Gothic literature has had an interesting and important impact in the 20th and 21st centuries. The Woman in Black is an older example of gothic literature. A newer example of gothic literature would be “Harry Potter”. In this paper I will be talking about how gothic literature has impacted the 20th and 21st centuries. You may be asking what gothic literature is. Gothic originates with the architecture that Germanic tribes called Goths created (“when and why?”). The way it began to be used with literature is because the ornate and intricate style of architecture created. It was the ideal backdrop for the new literary style settings. Gothic concerned itself with tales of mystery, superstition and suspension, which fit perfectly with the architecture…show more content…
Some examples are: “when the tide comes in you’re cut off until its low again.” (“the woman in black”) “I had felt indescribable and fear” (“the woman in black”) “Filled with fear, his flesh creeps, and his knees tremble.” (“the woman in black”) “Whatever was about, whoever I had seen and heard rocking and who had passed me by just now, whoever had opened the locked door was not “real”.” (“the woman in black”) “People have drowned on that marsh before.”(“The woman in black”) All these quotes are showing chartercteristics of gothic literature whether it is by wording, imagery, setting, supernatural events or…show more content…
Hogwarts, forbidden forest, riddle house, graveyard, grimmauld place, and the labyrinth in the triwizard tournament are all perfect gothic settings (“harry potter and goth novel”). The spaces are dark and creepy because they have the element of the unknown. You never know what could happen in these places. You could be walking up a stair case and it could just move, or find yourself in a mysterious room. The forbidden forest is full of many dangerous creatures and the forest is always dark and creepy. Grimmuald Place is gloomy, dirty and not welcoming or comfortable (“harry potter and goth

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