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For my artistic representation I decided to recreate Canada’s development in a series of marker drawings. My art shows the evolution of the Canadian Flag. This is represented by marker redrawing of each of the flags Canada has used, officially and unofficially, to represent itself as a nation. The first flag is the Fleur-de-lis. This flag was a symbol of French sovereignty in Canada from 1534, when Jacques Cartier claimed the New World for France up until the 1760s when Canada was ceded to the UK. The Fleur-de-lis maintained a prominent flag above the other French military flags, and became an unofficial flag of Canada. The next flag is the St. George’s Cross. This flag can be linked back to the legend of St. George, a famous English man,…show more content…
In 1801 the Cross of Saint Patrick was incorporated with the St. George’s Cross and Cross of St. Andrew to give the Union Jack its present-day configuration. The first flag was used in the early 1760s and the newer configuration was used across BNA and Canada from 1867 to 1965. The fifth flag, the Red Ensign, was created in 1707 as the flag of the British Merchant Marine. The Red Ensign was then commissioned to include a fly bearing the quartered arms of Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Quebec 1871. As new provinces became recognized, their mark was incorporated into the shield. As of 1921 it included the nine provinces then in confederation. This was unofficially used as Canada’s Flag, but was never officially used as a national flag. The seventh and eighth flag are both the Canadian Red Ensign. These are unofficial versions of the Red Ensign that replaced the composite shield with the shield from the Royal Arms of Canada (AKA the Canadian Coat of Arms). The first flag was authorized for use on Canadian government buildings abroad until a new national flag was adopted. The eighth flag was identical to the seventh, but there were a few artistic changes as well as changing of the maple leave’s color from green to

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