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Play by William Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet tells the story of two teenagers from different families who experience love at first sight and eventually commit suicide in the inability to be together. Romeo Montague, as we know, a man who falls in love with Juliet often encountered her 14 years, parents who are preparing to marry Paris; but are not interested in marrying anyone else. Within a few seconds, Romeo and Juliet seeing each other for the first time, they argue that the fall. In fact, they fell in love with each other's views and ideas of physical escape its current troubles, being together, but they do not really fall in love, as they thought. Because of their young age, instead of love, both actually pursuing flight; Romeo is trying…show more content…
Romeo and Juliet love, because he is still in love with Rosaline, and trying to get over it. A few minutes before meeting Juliet, Romeo stressing over unrequited love Rosaline in. The only reason Romeo Capulet party involved could see Rosaleen. Before the party, when the servant of the Capulet of Romeo went to read the list of invited guests, Romeo saw the name of Rosalind, which prompted him to sneak into the party. (1.2.103-104), Romeo says, "I'll go together ... to enjoy the splendor of mine." This line shows how Romeo attends the ball to see Rosalyn, but Benvolio tried to convince him to go so that he could look at other girls to really get to Rosalyn. What caused Romeo eventually grief in the first place was Rosalyn not returned her love, "... well this hit you miss. It will not be hit with Cupid arrow ... from a weak bow love child she lives uncharmed" (1.1 .203-206). This line shows the cause of depression Romeo, which causes him to take part in a ball, see the list under the name Vera invites. A few minutes after Romeo sneaks into the party lays eyes on Juliet and says, "my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight, for I never saw true beauty till this night (1.5.50-51).". Romeo, obviously confused, and trying to forget Rosalind to Juliet, who is so Rosalyn Capulets and beautiful. With a line of said Romeo later in history, it becomes clear that the only reason Romeo Juliet…show more content…
It plays an important role in the selection of Juliet to become interested in Romeo, instead of Paris. After all, to get married Romeo would hold her to marry Paris and be unhappy by marrying a man she was not interested. This is also the reason Juliet drank the potion later in history. Romeo was banished from Verona and Capulets arranged wedding between Paris and Juliet, but Juliet does not want to marry Paris, as she was already married to Romeo, causing her to drink the potion and die. "Romeo, Romeo, Romeo! Here drink. I drink to you." (03.4.58). Juliet drinks a potion in the name of Romeo, because she does not want to marry Paris, and is afraid that she may never hear from Romeo again. They're both using each other to avoid relationships with

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