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Charm has the ability to be used in several different senses. Its origin of placing a charm or spell on someone has evolved greatly to include definitions such as, becoming a trait which a person can possess or a trinket which a person can wear. It is easy to trace how these meanings have come about through the etymology of the word. The origin of the word charm comes from three different languages, Modern English, French, and Latin. Each country spelled it a different way, charme and carmen but, all possess the same meaning, chanting or reciting a verse supposed to possess magic power or occult influence. Charm also meant enchantment or magical spell. The first time the word is ever seen is in Cursor Mundi in the 1300s. The Cursor Mundi is an anonymous Middle-English historical and religious poem of almost 30,000 lines. Shakespeare also used charm in this meaning quite commonly. Two places which exemplify this are in William Shakespeare’s The Tempest and Romeo and…show more content…
More often than not, people who display charming qualities are able to manipulate people, not always in a negative way, to follow their beliefs or ideas. In a way, it is almost as if the people around the “charmer” are put under a spell or a trance because of their likeable nature. One instance in which this is seen is in “I’m Working on my Charm” by Dorothy Allison. The narrator ends the story stating she is simply working on her charm, or her ability to gain the approval of those around her so she may manipulate them into giving her more jobs or more tips. Allison is implying how when female characters act sweetly, innocently, or flirtatiously, they are using their “charm” to an advantage. For example, the narrator uses her “heartbreaker’s smile” to manipulate customers into giving her bigger tips. She also acts as “tail” for the male customers and in doing so, increases her charm and generates more

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