Lester B. Pearson's Greatest Canadian

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Lester B. Pearson show great achievement throughout his time in power that greatly over shined the achievements of many other political leaders. From resolving the Suez crisis and bringing our country out of rescission to giving Canadians national pride with our flag, Pearson’s achievements are tremendous and plentiful. He believed Canadians should be understated, compassionate and peacemaking people. . This is why Lester B. Pearson is the greatest Canadian. The Suez crisis is highly regarded as one of the most controversial episodes of the 20th century as it threatened a wide scale war on the Middle East. Canada was not directly at stake during the crisis but that did not stop Pearson from becoming an important member of the United Nation.…show more content…
Most politicians avoided emplacing a flag because it was a very controversial issue due to the fact that some Canadians wished to stay close to their British roots and have a union jack while some Canadians wished to become more Americanized . Pearson found a new route to take as he wished for Canada to become independent. Pearson opted for something new and original giving Canada a symbol that is now recognized world wide. A liberal MP of the time wrote ‘the fight for a flag became a crusade for national unity, for justice to all Canadians, for Canada’s dignity’ He not only gave Canada a flag but also, independence and its own identity. By getting the national flag Pearson was able to take our countries independence to the next level and show that Canada is able to stand on its own without being attached to the British. This step into independence changed the way many Canadians looked at their new home country. The Canadian flag is recognized world-wide as a symbol of our country but it says so much more to others who see it. The flag gives the impression Pearson wished the world to have of Canada, peaceful, compassionate and

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