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In the play The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, Shakespeare shows his ability to use the literary tools at his disposal in a masterful way. He uses a Sociopathic character, such as Hamlet, to not only play to his strength as one who can write some of the most timeless tragedies, but also to teach us the lesson he is trying to get across, the lesson that when you let your emotions consume you, nobody wins. Not only does he use his character Hamlet as a warning, but he uses all of his characters to show imagery. Only at the beginning of scenes does Shakespeare place Narration, the rest is show to the reader by what the characters say. Not only these tools, but also his ability to make readers think about what his play is meant to show readers…show more content…
Many people already understand what many of his works are about before ever reading a page. Not only this, but in his work Romeo and Juliet he even states exactly what is going to happen in the play as a part of his prologue. Because he does things like this, he forces his readers to think less about the plot, and focus more on the why, as well as action versus reaction. Not only does Shakespeare use this tool, he also uses a few more, one major one is his allusions to things that were happening at the time period. A famous example of this is in the work A Midsummer Nights Dream where the characters are speaking about how one man cannot grow a beard; they then begin naming types of beards the man cannot grow. During this dialogue, one man names off a beard called a “French Crown.” (No, I. ii.) Shakespeare would occasionally use vernacular known by the common people in order to appeal to both his more sophisticated audience (as well as the Catholic Church), as well as the commoners. In this case, he was using the (then) common vernacular phrase French Crown, which was an allusion to the French not having pubic hair due to syphilis. He used this tool in order to appeal to a wide variety of audiences, while still remaining inside what the church deemed

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