Financial Aid In The Philippines

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According to The New York Times, the advantage of wealth may seem unfair for students who are marginal to get education and need a lot of financial assistance. They might not be admitted over a similarly marginal student whose parents can pay. Financial assistance has helped thousands of need-based students to be able to afford education to achieve their dreams. ( A financial assistance is a big help to students to attain higher education, especially in today’s society where a college education is a necessity for success. There are thousands of scholarships available, and the financial assistance they offer gives a huge advantage to the student and his or her parents.…show more content…
The activities of different barangays in giving financial assistance clearly show how they can help the people, specifically the students, empower themselves. The path to fight and overcome poverty will be long. However, the positive impacts already observed in other barangays clearly show that the community and its members are more positive about their future, the future of the students/children and that through collective economic and social actions within the local/barangay level, hope is being transformed into improvement in daily lives…show more content…
Fundamentally, the greatest deciding factor in awarding scholarship grants/financial assistance to students aside from academic ability is the proven need for financial help. Financial assistance may be renewed upon evaluation of the student’s continued financial need, satisfactory academic performance, satisfactory manifestation of grantee's/student's willingness to serve, no infraction of school policies and scholarship/financial aid policies/ guidelines, and availability of funds. Students are expected to render service in form of office work, statistical jobs, assistance during assessment or student registration, or as specified by the Scholarship Committee/Financial Aid Committee in the local/barangay level, as long as the service will not interfere with the student's studies and functions

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