Effects Of Miscommunication Essay

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Miscommunication makes things messy. A simple statement to one might mean something completely different to another. It stems from missed or ignored thoughts. For example, when I was six years old my parents lost me at Disney World at night. They had stopped to look at a map and assumed that I noticed, but I was too focused on the fun things to come. Suddenly, I spun around to find myself completely alone in a sea of people. Filled with fear, I tried to retrace my steps until it was all over. That was one of the first times I noticed the effects of miscommunication. I vividly recall a time when I was supposed to go to a bowling alley for a birthday party. My friend sent the wrong name of the bowling alley, so I drove with another family for half an hour trying to make it…show more content…
I will try to tell someone how much they mean to me, but unless I can hide behind a screen I cannot find the words. My mouth now works two ways in real-life situations. It either trembles in fear as I mumble out unconvincing words, or stays frozen tightly, like car doors in the winter. Sometimes I can even mess up the words when trying to tell a simple story or explain my thoughts. A lot of times I get through an entire story only to be told that it makes no sense. Then I am left with the most frustrating options: give up or attempt to retell the story. If I retell the scenario in different words, will the same effect occur? In the end, both choices lead to the same underlying thought: should I have shared at all? Being misunderstood puts me back where it all started, just like Disney World, alone in a sea of people. I have revealed secrets that want to hide inside me, and every part of me regrets letting them out before the time was right. I let my problems out before I could overcome them, which allowed them to take advantage of me, my thoughts, my emotions. What was once a controllable thought became a constant stressor as word got out to

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