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Kellogg’s is an international food manufacturing company based in the United States. The types of food manufactured are cereal and convenience food such as waffles, granola bar, pastries and many more. Kellogg’s has many different brands including Froot Loops, Pop-tarts, Special K, Rice Krispies and many more. The Special K cereal bar comes under the brand Special K. Special K is brand for women who want to lose weight in a healthy, fast and in a fit way. Kellogg’s provide to any age, both female and male that wants nutritious and yet tasty meals especially breakfast in a fast and convenient way. However, Special K targets women from the age of 25 to 45 about the ages where women are either busy mom’s or workingwomen with disposable income…show more content…
Besides cereal bars, waffles and cereals and protein shakes are available. The cereal bars are available in different flavors: Blueberry, Red Berries, Vanilla Crisp, Honey Nut, Chocolatey Pretzel, Raspberry Cheesecake, and Chocolatey Strawberry. All are low in calories, flavorful and wholesome in ingredients. Thus, Special K cereal bars are a qualitative, healthy, balanced way of snacking. Additionally these cereal bars have great flavors. This allows the idea of eating healthy to be tasty and satisfying rather than boring. The package for Special K cereal bars is small and thin, which is convenient to carry around and to snack on when consumers are hungry. Price The Special K cereals bars are priced higher compared to competing snack bars. This is because most of the competitor products do not offer dietary features. The Special K cereal bars cost around RM 13.90, while other brands like Nature Valley cost around RM 11.90 and Corny cost around RM 12.50. With higher prices, it indicates that Special K cereal bars a high quality, high-price strategy. This can show that consumers are willing to pay for higher prices. Among the Kellogg’s product, Special K products are priced above average. For example Special K cereal bars are RM 13.90, while Kellogg’s LCMs bars are RM 13.50. With an above average price among the other Kellogg’s product, it emphasizes the high quality Special K

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