Romeo And Juliet Sacrifice Analysis

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Juliet Capulat the most beautiful and just young lady I have ever met. Dead because she loved too well and could not live without the man she loved. None but that of Romeo, son of Montague even though he was a Montague, he was the best man for my dear Juliet, he would die for her and try to give her anything she wanted. Of course, I should have seen something happening when I saw them at the ball together. A Capulet and Montague who would have thought? They were the star-crossed lovers that would end their family’s feud with their death but I being the selfish person I am not stopping what was happening has caused all this . They made a sacrifice to stop the families fighting a sacrifice the did not need to make . The most horrible sacrifice.…show more content…
I could see that Juliet was madly in love with Romeo and i was happy that she had found someone she wanted to be with. By being the smart and responsible person I know I could have been and tell her to leave him and not associate with him would have broken her heart but I know that by doing this I would still be with her brushing her delicite hair with her golden hairbrush and telling her stories from my time. I do regret going to see Romeo, but he was a polite young gentleman completely different from his friends especially that Mercutio, he was so rude on of the remarks he made to me is still stuck in my head “good peter hide her face for the fan is the fair face” I can't believe Romeo was friends with that rude little rat. I can still see the look on Romeos face when I told Juliet would be a present at Friar Lawrence's cell at noon. He was so happy and when I told Juliet that at Friar Lawrence’s cell “a husband waits to make you a wife” I had never seen her so happy. But again the biggest mistake I could mak. I am the adult I needed to be strong and not permit her to marry romeo.but of course as I do always the opposite of what my gut tells me I permitted it and went behind my lord and…show more content…
Dear Juliet’s heart was broken but she stayed with him even though he killed her beloved cousin, tybalt. it was so obvious that she loved Romeo. Even when her father told her to marry Paris or be disowned. she was saying that she would rather kill herself then marry Paris it broke my heart to see her so upset when she pushed me away after suggesting that she could marry Paris it was absolutely unbearable. I still find it hard to believe that Friar Laurence and Juliet made plans to fake her death. I swear I nearly had a heart attack when I found her still body lying in bed, supposedly dead and then to find out that she was still alive and then killed himself was more than I could bear, is still more than I can bear. when I look back at what happened I wouldn’t change a thing as it ended the feud with the families except telling her to move on and she should marry Paris if I had just left her to rebel against her parents and go and be happy with Romeo, she might have been still alive living with

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