How Did Rome Impact Society

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Ever since 753 B.C.E Rome has made an impact on many other countries including America. Rome was a mixture of Greece and Egypt culture and way of life. Rome was centered around their government, a variation a republic and democratic. Romans adapted to other cultures like Greek and Hellenistic which was called Greco-Roman culture. They also took ideas and made them in to something. Rome created a unique type of art, architecture, language and government that helped the world become what it is today. The most important part of Rome was its culture. As stated already, Rome liked to barrow idea’s from other countries like Greece. In Rome there was a huge gap between the rich and the poor almost like here in America however Rome had a bigger gap.…show more content…
Rome’s official language was Latin and even after the decline of Rome it became a widely used language in the West. By the 20th Century it became the official language of the Roman Church. Latin helped inspire new religions like one written in this essay, English, because half of the words in English come from Latin. Another essential part of Rome’s language was Rome’s literature. Rome helped contract ideas from Zeno a Greek teacher who is known for creating stoicism. Virgil, a Roman poet, wrote about the value of virtues and to praise Rome in the Aeneid where he says, “Be this your art:-to practice men in habit of peace, Generosity to the conquered, and firmness against aggressors,” where he talks about the government. Another writer, Tacitus, was created for writing the truth in his stories. He wrote many of his stories about the good and bad of Rome. Two of his stories tell us the reader about his dislike for Nero a Roman Emperor saying, “A speech from Nero followed, as usual, which stated that though he was guilty and with good reason distrusted his defense, he would have lived, had he awaited the clemency of the judge,” which shows his hatred. Long after Rome had fallen the language of Latin played a huge role the west. Another idea that played a huge role in the West was
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