How Did Cleopatra Changed The World

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Cleopatra is synonymous with the ultimate Egyptian Pharaoh. She has changed the world tremendously, by seducing influential men, ruling a country with major power, and controlling a country without a man by her side. Cleopatra captivated both Mark Antony and Julius Caesar for the well being of her beloved country. She was an influential woman who ruled the country of Egypt with grace. Cleopatra controlled her country without a male co-ruling by her side. She broke the rules of society and showed Egypt that a woman could rule the country just fine without a man supervising every move she made. Cleopatra changed world history by obtaining power over dominate male figures such as Caesar and Mark Antony to create allies, being a woman of power in Egypt, and showing that women are not inferior to males by ruling Egypt without a male figure by her side. Cleopatra was one of the most influential…show more content…
In 42 BC, Mark Antony and Cleopatra met for the first time. Mark was apart of a trio who ruled the Roman Empire. Cleopatra was known for taking advantage of people for her own good, and since Mark was apart of a trio who ruled the Roman Empire, she took advantage of him. She found Mark and immediately gravitated toward him. By doing so, she exposes herself to the Roman world and gained an ally. She used her charm and seduction to merge herself with Rome. A Roman senate then declared war on Egypt because he was mad at the affairs Mark was having. The declaration of war was not against Antony, but against Cleopatra. Cleopatra was charged with lust, whoring, incest, and drunkenness. By Rome declaring war on Cleopatra instead of Antony, it changed the perception of Cleopatra’s rule. She tried very hard to keep Rome out of Egypt, but did she really? She had a war declared on her by Rome. She used Mark Antony to better her country of Egypt as she did with Julius

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