College Admissions Essay: My Passion For Photography

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The power of photography is limitless. Even simple old family photos depicting past memories represent powerful, emotional links to our past. Once a picture is taken, that moment can never be taken away; it is now preserved forever. Pictures have the power to remember moments our own memories may not, being worth far more than a thousand words. My passion for photography encourages me find beauty in everything I see, everywhere I go. It has made me appreciate the simplicity of a glowing sunrise, magnificent building, fresh flowers, and enchanting wildlife. Whether I am relaxing by the ocean waves gazing at the scenery or sitting at home watching the light cascade through my window, I am continuously amazed by the natural world. I can only hope for photography to stimulate others to take the time to see the world through the same eyes I do and appreciate its magnificence. My camera is an extension of my hand and my lens is an extension of my eyes. Photography can be used as an escape, giving me hope and strength by allowing me to eliminate stress using a creative outlet. It provides therapy in the form of stress relief with every click of the shutter. When I am taking a photo, I become completely absorbed in the subject matter and block everything else out. In that moment, nothing else matters. It makes it possible to focus and live in the…show more content…
My passion for photography has inspired me to become aware of my surroundings in the most surreal way, motivating me to become interested in matters I would previously ignore. It has educated me on the countless different varieties of wildlife, greenery, and geology. The natural subjects I use encourages me to research and gain knowledge of the wondrous aspects of Earth’s nature. The love I possess for the art has opened me up to endless possibilities and opportunities that would not have been possible had I not discovered my love for

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