Was Julius Caesar Honorable

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Julius Caesar a play, a person, a friend to many, he was killed, betrayed and forgotten, but the one person people seem to remember is Brutus. The friend who started it all, he was the one who planned it all, the one who betrayed, the one who killed, the one who left the beloved king forgotten. Throughout the play Shakespeare shows Brutus fighting for the title of honor, but he is really not all that honorable, he is a backstabber, he is always contradicting and conflicting himself, and he forgets about the things he supposedly cares about. So why do people keep saying he’s honorable? Brutus is not honorable, he is really nothing but a back stabber. He killed the friend who saved him and yet we still see Brutus as honorable. In act three he displays his feelings when he says “Stoop, Romans, stoop, /And let…show more content…
For example Portia was pushed to her limits, Brutus didn’t even realize it until she was dead that she was miserable, the poor women killed herself because her husband didn’t trust her enough to tell her the truth. When Portia tried to get Brutus to open up not only does she feel betrayed because he excludes her from his world because she is a woman, she also states that Brutus treats her more like a harlot, a prostitute, rather than his wife (II.i.317-325). Throughout this play Brutus is seen giving the things he cares about the cold shoulder, first example being Portia, the Caesar and then Rome. The people of Rome were left heartbroken, lost and confused. People loved caesar he went through Rome as a strict military dictator, he brought Rome to justice and wealth. He expanded Rome to great lengths, in an article written by A&E Television Networks, they state that he conquered Gaul and made friends with the queen of Egypt (Networks). To the people of Rome he is a hero, why take that away from them? Because it was the honorable thing to
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