Military Warfare In The Byzantine Empire

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The city of Constantinople reigned for thousands of years due to its powerful army defences and military tactics. The Byzantine Empire was a rich and powerful empire that ruled during the Dark Ages. They conquered a ton of land and had total control during the Dark Ages. They rebuilt the Rome and kept its infrastructure and culture alive. The Byzantine Empire held the EOC (Eastern Orthodox Church). Religion was very important in the Byzantine Empire. Their Monastery was used more than just a place to worship. The Monastery was used to store the cities money. The Monks would live in the Monastery writing down events that were occurring the Byzantine Empire As well as their military. The strong military defences of the Byzantine Empire took a…show more content…
The walls were put up by Theodosius so that Constantinople could withstand the strongest siege attacks and the strongest armies. The city’s location played a great part in protecting the city from being conquered. Since the city was mostly surrounded by water, armies could only raid Constantinople by attacking from the west side. If they tried to attack by sea, their boats would be pushed around due to the strong currents of the water. Also, there is another wall that surrounds the water so no ships can attack the city on water. The power of the military that Constantinople held would really reveal how powerful and rich the city was and how its military strategy and tactics played another crucial role in the lasting Empire. This should matter to us since they were so strong we could use the defences and tactics they used and improve them so they are even better than what they were during the Byzantine…show more content…
The Greek fire was a secret attacked used when enemies were attacking the walls. The wall had held up for many years but was very expensive to keep up. Since the wall was 1.25 miles longs and 40 feet high this wall was not easy to take care of. The walls also had a second outer wall that was smaller and not as thick as the first layer. Outside of the second wall was a ditch that they flooded with water. This made it hard for enemies to put a forceful attack on the wall. The wall was very powerful but very expensive to upkeep. The wall can be manageable to build if one has the money to build it and upkeep when attacked. This can teach us special techniques when building defences. We can use some of the architecture that the Byzantines used on their walls. The wall could also get destroyed by natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes,

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